Power Generator Solutions

Customized Power Solutions for your unique business environment
DyMac Power is a team of power generator specialists, trained to deliver power solutions to meet each customer’s unique requirements. DyMac Power can customize generator sets for any application, be it standby or prime power for hospitals, data Centres, office buildings, Schools, Temporary sites, Rental Companies and Mining and Recycling etc.

DyMac’s mantra is simple, “what is best for our customer is best for us”.

The DyMac Power Directors have been providing superior quality and dependable power solutions to the industry from 20KVA to several megawatts for the past 25years.

We are company that provides high quality generator sets by offering only top quality branded engines and alternators ranging from 20KVA to 2500kVA , diesel or gas fueled. We offer a complete complement of accessories including weatherproof enclosures, fuel tanks, block heaters, sound attenuation options and critical silencers.