Large Container Projects

DyMac Power has the expertise to handle large-scale Generator projects. Whether it is a single standalone large diesel generator unit or a multi Megawatt diesel generator project. We have the experience and expertise to design, build, package and deliver your project.

DyMac Power supplies standard 20ft ISO silent generator containers and multiple interconnecting silent 40ft ISO containers or oversized mega containers that carry up to 60tonne in weight. DyMac Power designs the structural container base the generator base frame, large interconnecting belly tanks and position and install the Air Circuit breakers and electric control panels with in the containers. We can position and install step up transformers either inside the designed containers or in independent housing located outside the containers.

When we design, manufacturing and package diesel generator sets into our silent containers, we always consider the final destination and weather environments as this can greatly affect the final performance of your diesel generator sets under load.

Carrying out specialized calculations will determine the generator radiator sizes and exhaust sizes and will insure long life performance.

Considering heat or cold restrictions can also greatly vary the performance of your diesel generator sets, the final design of the silent containers that house the diesel generators is also dependent on the final distance the generator units are positioned above sea level. DyMac Power has the experience and expertise to insure the right containerized package will be offered.