Performance Check

Performance testing of the entire system at design load is recommended to not only extend the life of your generator, but also ensure that it maintains reliable and efficient operations during a power outage.

On-site load bank testing is a vital part of generators performance testing under preventive maintenance program and is mandated by UK Legislation. Quality equipment, calibrated load banks, skilled staff and proven testing procedures are the keys to comprehensive load testing and DyMac Power guarantees all of these.

During on-site load bank testing, our experienced technicians monitor critical engine parameters. The engine is operated at or near full load for several hours to accomplish a full heating and cool down cycle. Other critical engine parameters (engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure etc.) are also monitored during the testing.

With the generator set operating at full load, we also conduct an infrared survey of all electrical connections to identify any high-resistance connections.

For peace of mind today consider passing your generator maintenance and testing requirements to DyMac Power.